01/6-03/6 – Days 42-44 Blowing hard, wind and whistles…

We could see a short calm spell with a gale coming behind it. We got up sharpish on the Saturday, packed and looked at our options, still blowing from the overnight winds. This is a bit like the Kerry Coast, long stretches of spectacular cliffs, and unusually, no habitation. Knowing we were likely to have 3nights forced stop we wanted to be sure the swell remaining after wind would not box us in. So we waited for the wind to drop a little. it didn’t so we unpacked it all, and put the tents up again, opting for a long hop round the ‘slieves’ corner in a day or two’s time as soon as it dropped. Paddy Byrne the trip boat guru and Teelin’s local Saint, invited us to go on his 10am trip, no cost, typical generosity, we got out the harbour and one of the clients was already green, in the big bouncy sea-Paddy v sensibly turned round and tied up, returning that night with heavier ropes for the forecast.

As I watched a group of 3 powerboat s getting ready for a short spin I recognised one of the Skerries RNLI volunteers, he recognised me quoting some scurrilous banter… moi?We agreed to Hook up later….

The 3meninboats retired to the excellent Rusty Mackerel. Sunday.. Ritchie and I noticed a sponsored walk along the Slieve league’s skyline, but it was blowing a hoolie so we went ourselves in case it was cancelled. Up the pilgrim way and one man’s pass, past the modern sculpture story stones, we went onto the serrated skyline. A mountain descends to the sea here with a great ridge walk along the rim. We skipped along enjoying the use of our previously rather redundant legs. At the viewpoint we bumped into the dozens of walkers on event as they set off, which was cancelled 30 mins in. I think the lady in the denim shorts and ugg boots was spared an ordeal, it was blowing and raining hard by then.

Down at the pier Paddy had the RTE LateLate show host, Ryan Tubridy, the Graham Norton of Eire, out in his boat in the estuary doing a feature, shows how Paddy’s is regarded here. Ryan came over and said hello, before being limo’d back to the smoke!

I had another ordeal instead, joining the trad musicians for teatime tunes was great, I could even play some of it. Then the Skerries boys and all their extended circle, staying in the pub, came in with guitars, banjo, fiddle, mandolin and all. They play regularly together and off it went. They kindly took me in and we hit it off. There was dancing on the table, and the bar maid was lifted onto the bar and gave us a great song. I confess I did contribute, getting the whole place singing ‘I don’t look good naked anymore’ which probably means I’ll have to return my music degree…

This is a special pub, they have found the knack of looking after visitors, young and old and locals alike, doing great food and a great set of accommodation units, modern, spotless and practical. Robert Lynch, the owner, has a sure touch, great staff and they could not have been more helpful, and generous, even giving us rooms for the final night, Dempna Kennedy the manager nearly punched me when I tried to pay. I’ll be back here I am syre, but in the morning it’s a dawn rise!

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