18/5 – Day 28 “The Northerlies are feckers “

Not my quote, but that of a local fisherman. As most of you that follow the map will have seen, we turned back at Loop Head today. It wasn’t the biggest conditions that we have paddled in, but progress was very slow. With the wind due to pick up, and no real landing until Kilkee, discretion ruled. A local lobster boat was keeping an eye on us, and as soon as we turned round, he sped off across the bay.

So we returned to Kilbaha to lick our wounds. Tomorrow’s forecast not looking much better. Current plan is to take a wander over to the Head tomorrow morning with a view to using the afternoon flood. However, not very optimistic.

In the meantime…

7 thoughts on “18/5 – Day 28 “The Northerlies are feckers “

  1. There are two get outs from Loop to Kilkee Rob. First at Bridges of Ross – 52.35.32″N 9.52.04″W
    Second at Goleen
    52.38.41″N 9.44.23″W
    When entering Kilkee no shortcuts go up the middle as close to the exposed rock centre of bay. If you cut across the pollock holes (Reef) it’s tricky and brought one intrepid round Ireland paddler to an end. His boats keel was destroyed.
    It’s a fantastic stretch of coast. If I were you I’d enjoy Keatings and the surrounding area for another day and head Monday. So much more benign conditions.


      1. That’s the job. Have a rest day and a few uisce beatha’s Conditions for the rest of the week are great.


  2. Hi Dave, you all seem to be doing well, although I feel the tendonitis. Hope it settles. Boiling hot down here in the Yangtze Delta now. Your better off in mild and wet Co. Kerry. All best, dave.


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