17/5- Day 27 Kerry to Clare

Brandon Pier to Kilbaha 44km- mouth of the Shannon

Great little pier (and pub) at Brandon, Mick O’ Meara slagged us off within minutes of us hitting the Quay… (the joys of WiFi and SPOT, every sly pint noted and commented upon) having suggested the very thing! A v friendly guy gave us his yard to camp in, and at 4 am was delighted to find us out and about, but not quite as ‘refreshed’ as him. We packed the boats in the dark and rain with our lively companion who gave us an emotional send off as we slipped into the gloom.

A few issues with batteries emerging and off we went after the morning chat with the superb officers at Valentia MRCC. They have been so supportive and you have a strong sense of an informed & careful eye being kept. We fervently hope not to require it but it is v reassuring to have such interest and expertise quietly offered- not really possible to thank you properly.

A slow bash across to the Magharee Isles, with a less than favourable forecast looming, could we get this last long hop done?

Not the most interesting day, but we knocked it out across to Kerry Head, awaiting a N 3/4 but it never came. Instead flat glassy calm as we struggled to keep awake (2 days of 3 am starts, the coastguard do it routinely, we struggle but it buys time). The wind started to build as we came in to Kilbaha, where the superb man at Keatings bar showed us to a corner of his field to amp in. The food was great and we are so pleased to have got the open crossings done without getting caught out, for a while . A lot of this is down to the advice and active interest of other Irish paddlers, Mick and Jon in particular.

The weather is now in our faces for a while so we’ll knuckle down and see what the coast looks like from close up for a bit!.


3 thoughts on “17/5- Day 27 Kerry to Clare

  1. Welcome to County Clare lads.
    Hope Loop is kind to you.
    Very committed stretches ahead of you. Keep eyes peeled for boomers from Kilkee to Liscannor Bay.
    Fair weather to stern !!


    1. Hi Mac. Thanks for the welcome. The Loop wasn’t so kind today. We gave it a go but on rounding we were making little progress into the sea, tide and wind. No sign of it looking better to the north was we turned back to Kilbaha. May try again tomorrow. Cheers, Ritchie


      1. More of the same tomorrow I’m afraid Ritchie. NW F4’s. Monday to Friday is looking great though. Maybe enjoy one more day in Kilbaha.

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