13-14/5-Days 23/24- off the water

Strong SE winds ushered us in here to Portmagee and a little phone research yielded an air bnb ideal for a lay over. For 2 days the wind has been consistently F5 gusting 7 with bright sunlight. Sharing a large purpose built house with French and German tourists, of our vintage was a pleasure. A walk to Knights Town saw us in the excellent local museum. On the road home, which we walked, found an ice cream parlour, where the farmers wife running it latched onto our site, gave us ice creams on the house and was so enthusiastic. Portmagee is full of disappointed star wars fans unable to make it to the Skelligs, the resentment fanned by the heritage agency who have not yet been able to get out to ensure safety checks are done. We’re all under the same forces, may they be with us soon!

We will try to move ourselves to a jumping off spot further NE to take advantage of the expected lull.

One thought on “13-14/5-Days 23/24- off the water

  1. Skellig……Star What…..? Surely they are all fans of the Whitbread award winning novel by David Almond. Maybe if they eat the local spiders 🕷 they will grow wings and be able to fly out to the islands?


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