7/5 Day 17 – Feeling Frisky ( Gyleen to Kinsale )

Today was one of those systems that Neptune chose to remind us who was boss. After a wee surf launch, we paddled round to Kinsale in fairly lumpy seas. Long rolling swell combined with breaking waves, sometimes confused, made for a paddle that we had to keep our wits about us. Think we were all glad to pull into Kinsale.

On arrival we were led up to the outdoor centre, and really made to feel at home. The staff were all busy, and there was a real feeling of positivity about the place. And everyone was enthusiastic about what we are trying to achieve.

Jon came over at night and done a brain dump of his own Irish circumnavigation. Think we were all pretty much in awe.

The following morning seen a relaxed start, and a wee send off …


Once again, many thanks to Jon and his staff for all their hospitality.

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