Limited map updates!

Equipment failure I’m afraid. Our SPOT Gen 3 jumped in a rock pool during a lunch time battery change today. I don’t think it will come back to life so we need to see if we can sort out a replacement.

As a temporary measure I have set the map up to use my phone for location. Updates Will only occur when my phone has a data connection.

We are currently camped just west of Power Head near the mouth of the Cork estuary.

11 thoughts on “Limited map updates!

  1. Some people are addicted to Facebook, some to Instagram, some to Twitter. I am definitely addicted to Spot. I need my map fix. Good luck tomorrow with your temporary measures.

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  2. Ritchie, I know the feeling! Our little one likes to jump around during changes as well
    I’m enjoying the blog. It’s a shame the tracker will be spotty for now. Hopefully you find a solution soon. Wishing yall safe paddling from Texas!

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  3. Oh no! Get it fixed quickly! Like Wendy, it’s a key part of my daily online experience! I notice that you are under way this morning and Spot has picked you up off-shore so perhaps we’ll see a reasonable trail, if somewhat sporadic!

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  4. No problem with the Spot trail then! Apart from being a nice place with good restaurants, what decided you to paddle up river into Kinsale? What’s the big building off St John’s hill that you seem to have ended up in? (Big brother is watching you!!)

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    1. Hi Ian
      We’re staying at the Outdoor Education Centre courtesy of Jon Hynes. Jon paddled round Ireland in 2015 and made an excellent video of his trip:
      So that’s the main reason we’re here. He spent an hour or so going over the map and sharing his experience – hugely valuable. He has also very generously lent us a spot device to replace our damaged one. We should be back to full map operation again tomorrow.
      The weather also made this the right place to be. The sea was lumpy today and the wind was increasing. It is wet and windy out at the moment and we are warm and dry. Hopefully get round/through the old head of kinsale tomorrow.
      We have also been able to resupply and get our Guinness count up.

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    1. We certainly are. Rob and Dave are at 17 and I’m lagging two behind. Andy and Geoff at kept a tally on their 2015 trip. So we have 30 to aim for.


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