4/5 Day 14 – Sandeel Bay to Tremore

Well the day started with a wee bit of a sunrise …

A gentle launch and a good run with the tide meant that we arrived at Hook Head with little effort. There sea wasn’t running round the Head. However the crossing to Dunsmore East required much more effort, with a squally wind in our face. It was then a pleasant nimble round to Tremore Bay, where once again, the wind made the crossing hard work.

It took a bit of effort to find the RNLI building, but once there we were made extremely welcome, with hot tea being thrust into cold hands. Turned out that they had been looking out for us, courtesy of Mick O’Meara. He had paddled out to meet us, but we had managed to miss each other in the Bay.

With our boats safely stored in the RNLI, it was up to Mick’s for food and surgery on Dave’s boat.

I’ll leave it to Dave to talk about the repair.

Mick and his family welcomed us with open arms, gave us the run of the house, done our washing, wined and dined us, and let us sleep in their new ‘sitooterie’. Not for the first time we were overwhelmed with the genuine hospitality and kindness bestowed upon us – not just by Mick and his family, but also by the RNLI guys and girls at Tremore.


4 thoughts on “4/5 Day 14 – Sandeel Bay to Tremore

  1. The Spot suggests you are now in Kinsale so trust you will be paddling THROUGH the Head of Kinsale ?
    Some cracking long, narrow tunnels right through the peninsula, under the golf course. 🙂

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