1/5 Day 11 (updated) – Day Something or Other

I’ll no doubt get a row for having a post title that doesn’t conform to the standard. But the reality is that I’ve kind of lost track of which day and date it is, and for the most part, don’t really care. The day is governed by the times of high and low water, and what times the tides turn.

We’re currently camped just north of Courtown, after a good 50k of paddling. Can’t remember what time we got up, just that it was ‘early’. After that we just paddled south. Really just a matter of head down and get some miles in. More of the same tomorrow…

So I’m sitting in my tent, listening to the birdsong, with the waves lapping the shore in the background. There is Sea thrift on the rocks. Sky is blue.

( tried to upload some photos but phone signal not good enough )

6 thoughts on “1/5 Day 11 (updated) – Day Something or Other

  1. Fab paddling guys !!
    Wishing Ye rest … onwards Ho !
    Following Ye with great interest!
    Kevin O’Sullivan ( Ta for earlier plug btw )


  2. You’ll be hearing mermaids singing next. I’d just abandon hope of anything like a normal life ever again, just let it slip away with the tide😊😊


  3. You’re making excellent progress. Hope the weather holds for the next few days as you tackle the south coast. 🙂


  4. A gorgeous spot. Nice words. Is that only 10 days or so for you to find your new reality. Brilliant. Pauline


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