28/4 Day 8 – Rush

Bit of mixed emotions this morning. On one hand, sorry to leave the community of Clogher Head behind, on the other, the need to make some progress.

Before we talk about the paddling, a word about Clogherhead is in order. I don’t have the eloquence with the English language to suitably express our experience over the last few days, and the gratitude that the Clogherhead community are due. Three muppets from across the water landed on their doorstep, and they took us in and treated us as their own whilst we hid from Storm Hannah. Special mention has to go to Sean and Wendy Flanagan for their outstanding kindness, plus the rest of the local RNLI family. Scots have a saying about such people, describing them as ‘the salt of the earth’.

An early rise on Sunday to catch the tide, and we were on the water around the back of seven. Water was flat, and it was a leisurely paddle down to the Skerries. We pulled up just as the local lifeboat was launching for training, and were duly invited in for tea. During the conversation, another paddler ( Kevin O’Sullivan ) circumnavigating Ireland appeared. However his approach is slightly different in that he is doing it in stages, working it around work commitments. Kevin has a GoFundMe page calledHopeAfloat1000.

From Skerries we bimbled down to Rush, where we are camped for tonight. The plan is to push past Dublin tomorrow. However, the best laid plans ….

My last photos were of Ritchie, today it was Dave’s turn …

5 thoughts on “28/4 Day 8 – Rush

    1. Hi Ian. A sail without a rudder could just about be made to work but would require a lot of paddle steering. Dave damaged his shoulder several weeks before we set off so made the decision to add a sail to reduce the strain. He has experience using kayak sails, Rob and I don’t so didn’t think this trip was the time to learn.


  1. Fab to meet you guys in Skerries …
    You really seemed buzzed to be making your dream a reality ! You never know our paths could cross out West ! Savory every last drop Guys !!
    Fair Paddling


  2. Just catching up after a few days away. How funny … couldn’t wait to switch on and read your latest stories. Dave’s sail looks like a satellite dish to me!


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